"Eine besondere Tauchbasis an einem besonderen Ort!"










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Rarely seen but still important - the background team behind your diving holiday

Tom, who founded Blue Brothers Diving in 1997, has only but one wish: He wants an unforgetable holiday for our diving guests in El Gouna. 


If you wish him well just tell him that "Borussia Mönchengladbach" will soon win the german soccer championship again. Aside from football it is his biggest pleasure to tell a lifetime of stories - made real fun for you by his self-ironic way. Our repeating guests will sure agree :-)


Traudel - Tom's wife - is best described as the heart and soul of Blue Brothers.


With a detailed view, yet calm and alway in good mood, she handles the affairs of the diving center. Taking care of our guests is not only a job but a passion and pleasure for here. It does not matter if you have questions about diving related issues or about your general vacation in Egypt - Traudel is always happy to help! Her mails are signed "With Sunny Greetings" - and if you know her you also know that this is not just a phrase, but her true nature.








Tom & Traudel  - die Eigentümer




Daniela is the office-fairy of Blue Brothers Diving since 2015 - with a lot of effort and passion she helps your arranging your holidays and diving days as good as possible.


In the year 2019 she took over the position as the dive center operations manager. 


She also takes care that all the necessary paperwork is prepared, arranges your transfers to and from the hotel,.... 


Daniela has a big heart and is always glad to help if you need her, no matter what the problem is. 











Daniela - unsere "Office-Maus"














Kareem is rarely seen by our guests, but he works for them every day. In our modern compressor station he fills your nitrox and air tanks each night and makes sure that your air/mix is clean and safe.


Moving all the tanks around is hard work, but he does his job day by day, as reliable as a clowork and without complaint.


"Good Air"? - Kareem!














 Kareem - der "Tankmeister"





Mohamed "Aqua" is our "Sunnyboy" - always out on the beach or around the pool, selling our trips and diving courses.


His open smile, kind demanour, quiet, unintrusive ways and politness make him the perfect candidate for the job and our BBD sales-champion.


If you have any questions about El Gouna or need help with other things he will be there for you!














Mohamed "Aqua" - our sales genius










Mamdou "Speed" - the fastest guy in our team :-)


He is the captain of our Speedboat and takes you out on our guided half-day diving, snorkeling and "Dolphin Spotting" trips. 


With a lot of patience and an everpresent smile he is there for you - and soon you will laugh with him about all the little "communication mishaps" ;-)



Maybe he looks a bit grumpy at first - but don't worry, he is a real good-hearted and kind fellow and father of a great many children ;-)











Mamdou - the fastest guy in our team





Mustafa "Babyface" Nuby - is just like Billy The Kid: underestimated at first glance


Despite his boyish looks he is a clever, hard working guy and soon on his way to Divemaster.


He is the one taking care of our equipment and with patience and good meassure hands out your diving gear, not resting until mask, suit and BCD are a perfect fit.


He is always the first to greet the boat (and help mooring ;-) and the last one to see the boat leave (and clean up the marina ;-)
















Moustafa "Babyface" Nouby - Equipment & Snorkeling Guide



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